Payment Details

Medicare Rebate

Payment for services must be made at the time of the consultation by Eftpos/direct debit, credit card, or cash.

If you are referred by your doctor under a Mental Health Care Plan you are eligible to claim a Medicare rebate of $128.40. The Standard fee per 50 minute session is $190.

Medicare payments are able to be processed electronically at the time of payment, therefore you will only be required to pay the gap fee.

There is a discounted gap fee available for health care card holders, children, students, veterans and pensioners.

The standard gap fee for Medicare referrals is $61.40 per 50 minute session, and the concessional gap fee is $41.40 per 50 minute session.

To find out if you are eligible to receive psychological services under Medicare ask your doctor if you (or your child) are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan.


Private Health Insurance

Many private health funds offer rebates for psychological services. Please check with your health fund to see if you are able to claim. Please note that you are not able to use your private health insurance to cover the gap between the fee and the Medicare rebate, and that full fee payment will need to be made at the time of teh consultation.